T-5 Days 'til MAKER CAMP!

Want to have some fun from July 16th to August 24th? Well, MAKE Magazine has teamed up with Google to put on Maker Camp. It's a free, open, online summer camp featuring a project-a-day for thirty days. Each week has got four days of projects, followed by a live-cast field trip to some crazy place like CERN, the Ford Motors R&D Lab, and the MakerBot homebase. Expert counselors will lead each project, and campers can tune in via Hangout to ask questions and share stories. It's technically intended for teens, but nobody's gonna tell me I can't build a chemical rocket or a desktop biosphere. All you need to do to be part of the fun is sign up on Google+ (clever, Google, clever) and then check back in when you want to build something. The projects are all kid-friendly and can be built (mostly) from household supplies.

In the spirit of keeping this blog somewhat professional, I should probably say that this is an exciting event because it's got potential to get kids thinking, inventing, and working with their hands. The opportunity to tie together a broader community of Makers and tinkerers is pretty cool too, given how important networks are for bringing creative ideas to life. At the same time, I could just be honest:

Rockets. Like woah.

To get in on the fun, head over to Google+ and follow MAKE.